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Workshop Images

a large cabin in the woods
student in cowboy hat takes photos
student holds WVU flag in front of rocky mountains
large lake with mountains in the background
student holds negatives up to the light
WVU Photos spelled out with light in long exposure
students smiling on a bridge
students smile while wearing cowboy hats
students standing in front of tall snow drift
students stand on boardwalk above orange pools at yellowstone
students in front of colorful prismatic pool at yellowstone
a student with outstretched arms on a mountain
students play with long exposure and colored lights
students look at framed art in a gallery
night sky and long exposure of lights
silhouette of student with camera and tripod
an elk walks in a national park
a student sits on a mountain top
long exposure of students with colored lights
a student sits on the edge of a mountain lake
a man looks at two bison from inside a car
students hold hands in a circle
snowy and rocky mountains reflected in a lake
rocky canyon with waterfall