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"I just want to say that I learned more in those 10 days than any other time in my life! I fell in love with Wyoming, and honestly the trip was everything I hoped it would be."

"I learned so much in such a little time and I have nothing but positive things to say about the trip. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Great instruction, great workshop, and meeting some current photography artists first hand was great!" 

"I loved every minute of it! I learned more about Photography on this trip then I had in the past year. The "hands-on-learning" was perfect for me and I can't thank you enough for taking me on this awesome trip! I will never forget it!"   

"I truly started to understand how to use my camera in manual. I have never seen such beautiful sights in my life. The wildlife was so amazing and the learning experience was incredible!"   

"I feel I accomplished my goal that I set when I applied for the class: to learn how to take great photographs. I am very proud of my photos and I am grateful that I was able to attend this workshop."

"I loved the workshop and am really glad I was able to go. If I could, I would go on it again. It definitely helped me become a better photographer and made me more comfortable with digital photography in general. The instruction was great and it was helpful to have two instructors there to give advice and help with technical issues. I would recommend the workshop to anyone, even if they have little or no photographic experience. It was an amazing experience and well worth it."  

"Michael Sherwin and guest instructor John Holmgren were very knowledgeable and extremely patient and kind in helping us understand how to frame photos, use the manual setting, select the right aperture and speed, etc. I will never use an automatic setting again!"   

"Great experience. It really was the time of my life and I made some memories that I will never forget. As a class itself, it really made me seriously consider photography for graduate school; I enjoyed it that much." 

"I'm really glad I took the opportunity to come on the trip. The only advice I have is to keep the program alive. It's an incredible experience. 

"This workshop was one of the best trips of my life. I learned so much about photography, editing, and printing. Not only was the education great, but to just get away from my busy world here in Morgantown, and to sit outside in front of the most beautiful views I have ever seen was the best thing I took away from this trip. Thank you for all your patience and help!" 

"I enjoyed the location of being in Jackson Hole. Everything that happened was honestly a highlight. Going through my photos after being back makes me want to relive those 10 days over and over again." 

"This was an incredible trip.  It made me realize how much I wanted to do photography and helped me to narrow down my favorite things to photograph. Awesome itinerary!"  

It was great! Had the time of my life!"

"I had an amazing time and learned so much. Jackson Hole was the perfect setting for this workshop. There were times that I was so caught up in the beauty of our surroundings, I had to take a step back from photographing and just enjoy the moment."

"The entire trip was very well organized and there was a good balance of work and relaxation. I don't think there were any activities that asked too much of the students and each one offered a different experience. There were a great variety of formats for the students to learn and use, which I think was important. I honestly can't think of any weaknesses in the workshop, I will highly recommend it to any future students who ask." 

"It was an awesome workshop and trip! I was glad I had the opportunity to go even though I wasn't a student." 

"The workshop was very well organized and was full of a diverse range of activities.  It was a good mix between fieldwork and lab work, so we could broaden on skills in both areas.  It was also good to have two instructors on-hand to assist with questions, somebody was always available to help. It was a wonderful workshop and I learned so much, it's incredible to know that I now have a good handle on my camera operation and a little bit of Photoshop.  It was so well organized and amazing to see all the wonderful sights in Jackson Hole and beyond."   

"Learning in the field and not just in a classroom was great.  It's kind of difficult to come up with the right words to describe the workshop.  It was AWESOME!  I recommend it to anyone interested in photography."

"If you knew nothing, you walk away with almost more understanding than you can grasp, which is great, and if you have plenty of experience already, it's just an amazing place to practice and hone your skills." 

"I had a fantastic time on the workshop!  It was the perfect mixture of fun and learning.  I feel much more confident with my camera in general." 

"I quickly learned how to use my camera in the manual setting and learned the basics of Photoshop editing.  I also enjoyed learning about the other types of camera (i.e., Holga, medium/large format) and having the opportunity to develop my own film.  Also, the Cowboy Village Resort was nice and perfectly situated for our needs during the trip." 

"Michael was an excellent instructor who showed enormous patience in explaining concepts and working with students.  His understanding of digital imaging and his ability to explain those concepts to students who were previously naïve to the process was outstanding.  His handouts for the workshop were excellent and helpful when using Photoshop for the first time.  A top-notch instructor that WVU is fortunate to have!"